Poster Girls

Signed, Sealed, Delivered


Islanders is proud to present its first collaboration, teaming with two very talented female artists. Approaching them with the idea of creating work for our project in the form of posters, was in no way a difficult task. As different as Katla and Þórdís are as artists, they have one thing in common; a positive and laid back attitude that one notices immediately upon meeting with them, the type of people who are very open to new ideas and collaborations.

The younger one, Þórdís, constructs symmetrical worlds and systems. She has for sometime now been creating detailed patterns in a form of carpets she paints on a small scale, as well as on bigger surfaces such as house facades and communal outdoor spaces, creating huge carpets on squares and pavements. Her latest work on a big scale was done as part of Reykjavík Arts Festival, celebrated annually.

The older, Katla, is a transformer of materials. Her focus has been for the past years on the importance of memories, which she collects from old photos, sometimes making collages and sometimes using drawing as a way of transforming the moments these photographs show. The drawing part comes easy for her, being an award winning illustrator, known for her work of illustrating children’s books.

Both these artists have a history with nostalgia, which can be seen through their work, based on emotions related to certain object or a moment in time. Another thing they also have in common is how serious they are about their artistic careers. We would without a doubt say they are ones to watch. That is why we approached them, and if our intuition is right, they will not pass unnoticed in the future.

Islanders now offers the opportunity of buying work done by these artist, and if it turns out you are a next Peggy Guggenheim in the making this could be a good way to start a lifetime of collecting. What a better regimen to start right now than the one the famous collector told everyone she followed, a simple diet of restricting herself to buying just one piece of art per day.

Therefore we ask of you to enter our online store with caution. It could turn into an obsession that will fill your walls with interesting artwork, but with the excellent side effect of you gaining companions for the rest of your life. The important thing is to open up your home to whatever will make you happy, and if art is what makes you happy we suggest you take a closer look at these two women.

So if you are already a compulsive collector or just starting out in the fascinating world of art collecting, here you have a great opportunity. All you have to do is make the decision and then they are yours: Signed, sealed, delivered.

Text: Auður Gná // Photography: Íris Ann

Katla Rós Völudóttir

Katla Rós is a visual artist living and working in Reykjavik, Iceland. She graduated with B.A in graphic design 2010 and M.A in fine arts 2014 from the Iceland Academy of the arts, Reykjavik, Iceland and has since then exhibited in Iceland and internationally.  – check out her work here

Þórdís Erla Zoega

Þórdís Erla is a visual artist living in Reykjavik. She graduated with BFA from the Audio visual department in the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam, Netherlands in 2012 and has since then exhibited in Iceland and internationally. – check out her work here

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