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Islanders is excited to introduce to our dear readers the fresh and playful duo East of My Youth. Our team spread their wings from Reykjavík all the way to New York to catch a glimpse of their lives, their favourite spots and how they like spending their days. At the moment the band of two – friends & power girls – are in a long-distance work relationship, so most of their communication goes on through computer. They say it works fine but are looking forward to being reunited at the end of April when Thelma, the Reykjavík-based member of the band, will be visiting the Big Apple to reunite with Herdís, the New York-based member of EoMY.

Both Thelma and Herdís share a need for a strong morning coffee and always start their day on that note. Thelma takes full advantage of the fact that she is living in Iceland where everything is overflowing with geothermal water and public pools.

As a fixed routine she likes to finish off her day sweating out long hours of work in the sauna of one of Reykjavik’s oldest pools and plans on keeping that habit for years to come. Herdís can be found communicating with squirrels or passing long periods of time on the subway, when not working on music in her bedroom studio or attending school.

Now they have gathered a team of talents to shoot two music videos in New York, which. As luck was on our side, Islanders is now premiering their last music video for the song Stronger, directed by Erlendur Sveinsson, showing snapshots of the lives of several different women living in the big city.

We invite you to follow us as we get to know Thelma and Herdís and how they spend their busy days, all through the glimpse of the lens.

Text: Anna Sóley


Photos: Rut Sigurðardóttir

Thelma is a frequent guest at Reykjavík Roasters where she prefers starting her day whether it’s for filling her calendar or giving friends a palm reading. “By far the best coffee in town” she says adding that their sweetbreads are also delicious. Roasters was founded by hard working people with a passion for coffee and that is the reason for their success. “I’m pretty sure a lot of Iceland’s freelancers should start putting their name on the door.” Funny and most definitely true.

I’ve worked behind this counter and there is something extremely personal about helping people pick out jewelry, especially engagement rings. It’s like you get to be in on the secret” says Thelma, mentioning that Hringa is one of the most beautiful stores in town. “I used to have many good friends visit the store to discuss pressing issues such as the purpose of life and Tinder dating amongst other things.”

This renowned record store is a gem on the main shopping street. “The employees know exactly where each record is and how the content is. They have listened to all of it!” EOMY’s record is also sold there which makes it even better.

There are a lot of Icelanders that would love starting and ending their day here. Thelma tries to go as often as she can and is to be found there in the afternoon sweating it out in the sauna. “This is where I took my first swimming lessons and it wouldn’t surprise me if I would do my senior gym lessons at this very pool.”



Photos: Ugla Hauksdóttir

Herdís starts the day by making a strong cup of coffee and working on her music in the kitchen “I think that is a perfect start, ideas from the night can be translated to real life in the morning”. Although now when she is living in New York she has set up a studio in her bedroom so she can work on projects there.

Herdís spends a lot of her time at school. She is finishing a masters degree in Music for cinema at New York University this spring. “Right in front of my school is Washington square park and I love that place especially now when summer is around the corner and everything is becoming more alive.”

”One of my favorite places in New York is this park.”

Herdís finds it relaxing to sit in the park and watch people go by; birds singing and the sound of the city. She says the city has a vibrant and almost touchable energy and is packed with creative people. “I feel privileged to be a part of this melting pot and being able to work with so many talented people.”

“I also try to make a connection with all the cute little squirrels that are all around. They are not always in the mood to talk but I still love it.” she says and adds that she loves all animals.

Herdís spends more time than she cares for waiting for or on the subway, as every day she travels back and forth from Brooklyn to Manhattan. She tries to make good use of the time by reading or at least pretending she is. “I try to tell myself that I’m being productive and reading but sometimes I realise that I’m just looking around or looking into a book without catching a single sentence.

“I live in Bedstuy Brooklyn so I spend a lot of time there, sitting at cafés, either relaxing or working on music or other projects” Herdís looks like she belongs in a big city like this, even though there are thousands of people around, she stands out with her vivid smile and bright eyes. New York really looks good on her or the other way around, she looks good on New York.

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